has Moved and All is Great!

I haven’t posted in a while as I was migrating as well as a half dozen other websites I also manage. At the same time I had some computer problems. I lost a hard drive and it took some time to recover a lot of my data. Then I ended up building a new PC which also ran into some snags. From there I was timid about moving hosts because I didn’t know how move the transition would be. Nerdimports is now hosting with and so far the service is great. The pages are loading a lot faster which is a big deal for me and I imagine for a lot of you.

I’ve got quite a few posts typed that I haven’t uploaded but now that things are working I’ll be posting them soon. I’ve also got two new parts to Nerdimports I’ll be launching pubicly soon. The first is an eCommerce store. Although we already sell on eBay, Amazon and Bonanza, I plan to have a store on this site as well. The other new addition is the gallery where I’ve got thousands of pictures I’ll be adding. Some are of really excellent cosplayers. Other photos are some nice quality wallpapers. I don’t have an ETA on when they’ll be ready but I’ll be announcing them soon.

There’s been a lot going on in the Nerd World over the past couple of months. Netflix released Daredevil and Marvel has 3 more shows coming out as well. Disney announced two spin-off movies in addition to the episodes VII, VIII and IX of Star Wars. I’m optimistic.

If you haven’t seen the newest Episode 7 trailer (it’s all over social networks, blogs and even mainstream media) here it is:

What do you think?