Star Wars The Old Republic Gets New Content on April 8!

That’s right friends and frenemies! On April 8, patch 2.7 will be out. There will be two new flash points for level 55s set on Tython and Korriban. There’s going to be some added quest chains as well.

  • “Prepare to invade the enemyโ€™s land and then defend the Jedi or Sith home worlds”
  • — that makes it sound like the questing will be on the starter planets. That should prove interesting. Though I am not really excited about the quests. The game currently has more than enough quests for a player to reach level 55. I’m sure there will be some new vanity rewards that will only be obtained through reputation earned from completing these quests. It is hard for me to get excited about the stick when I haven’t seen the carrot just yet.

    There’s going to be another Huttball warzone, this time taking place on Quesh. I’ve heard it will be a 4v4 instead of an 8v8. We shall see. The twist is instead of ramps, there will be things to climb. I’m not a huge Huttball fan and if I could choose my warzones I would most likely never choose Huttball.

    There will be a new GSF map as well. I have only played the Galactic Star Fighter once and was not impressed. Star Trek Online had some great ship design and handling for their ships. If only EA/Bioware could acquire Perfect World then they could have just borrowed from STO.

    The Dread Fortress is getting a Nightmare mode. What’s really cool is those that complete it will get a unique title. The title will only be rewarded for a couple of months before being removed from the game. Unfortunately I have only finished Dread Fortress in story mode so I’ll need to gear Munianci into a few more 78s before I can attempt it.

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    What do you think?