We’ve Updated Our Return Policy – And Actually Made it Better for Buyers!

I can’t count the number of times various websites have updated their terms and conditions and member policies. Usually it’s to close up some legal loopholes and often it is because the website is doing something that benefits them instead of their customers. Well I’ve recently revised the return policy for our online store and it actually benefits you.

So what did I change? So previously products were eligible for a return for 30 days from the date of purchase. I have updated that to 30 days from the date you actually received your product. Since we ship most orders the next business day, this really only gives you an extra 3-5 days but I figure every little bit helps.

Since I probably hate receiving returns as much as you like having to return something, I have been going through our products to make sure size charts are correct for apparel and that other accessories are including measurements.

awkward applause gif

So you might be wondering, what’s the catch? Nothing really. I don’t think that return policy is really revolutionary. I do believe it puts us slightly ahead of a number of competing websites. I’ve also found myself busier these days as Nerd Imports continues to grow. Which means when I receive an online purchase, I am not always able to look at what I’ve bought for a few days after I have received it. And then when it’s time to return it, I am not always able to send it off the next day (thankfully I almost never have to return things). So I thought, hey, maybe you are busy too.

We’re still not selling your e-mail address or personal information. Shipping is still free for U.S. buyers.

What do you think?