Superman’s Clark Kent Disguise Tested in New York City

So I know its been one of those tough pills to swallow for years.  No one can figure out that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person because Superman doesn’t wear glasses.  Even Mystery Men spoofed it.

Well Henry Cavill made his own experiment in Times Square.  Although he isn’t wearing glasses, he is wearing a Superman tee shirt.  He picked a spot right underneath some massive Batman v. Superman billboards.

I would have liked to see some more of the actual footage.  We didn’t get to see how many people walked by him while they were doing this.  I am sure there is more footage out there though that perhaps we’ll be able to see later.

After watching that video, Youtube suggested I check out Gal Gadot on Jimmy Kimmel discussing her breasts compared to Wonder Woman’s.

Apparently, there’s some criticism on her anatomical likeness to Wonder Woman.  I think Gal Gadot is gorgeous and I don’t care if her measurements fail to match a comic book artist’s sketch.  I am more concerned about the outfit and the plot of the movie.  I realize the Linda Carter Wonder Woman outfit of the 70s would look cheesy in modern comic movies.  Captain America’s wings are painted onto his mask now instead of being attached and dangling in the wind.  But the colors are pretty much the same.  I would have preferred WW’s outfit to still have the similar colors–from what I have seen so far the colors are not very bright at all.  But when I see the movie, I might feel differently.   I’m still not that psyched about Doomsday being in this movie, if that is who we’ve seen in the trailer.

Batman vs. Superman comes out in a week.  I probably won’t be able to see it for a few days as my “Comic Book Movie buddy” has to work.  So hopefully facebook won’t drown me in spoilers.  I did really well with Deadpool though and I didn’t see that for over a week after it was released.

What do you think?